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Birthday post

As you probably know by now, couple of days ago I turned 30! Yup, 30 years young, right? :D

It wasn't the celebration I have planned, but I'm really lucky to have amazing family and friends who made my day ever so special! Even being in lockdown and limited on social gatherings we managed to have a tiny celebration.

For that occasion I made 2 cakes, first one was a no brainer - macarons cake! Macarons marked my last year, I became obsessed with them, and it was only right to celebrate a new decade with a cake made of macarons.

If you scroll down to my first post here, you will find a link to my YouTube channel where I've posted a video tutorial how to make french macarons easy.

My favourite macarons filling is a raspberry cream-cheese buttercream. And this cake was filled using that one, but also I added a few fresh raspberries.

mmm... so delicious.

How pretty is this?

So, that was the first cake.

Then I realised I have to make another one, because this was specially made just for me.

I've decided to ask my Instagram people to help me out and share with me their favourite recipe for a light and creamy cake. Oh, the cakes I have received in my inbox - wow, I just wish I could've just had a bite of each cake that I saw <3

That is how at the end I found this perfect, no bake, quick and super easy mousse chocolate cake.

The original recipe is from @omitrova (you can find her on instagram, she has some delish recipes)

But I will share here with you my version of that cake :)

I literally made it in 15 min, night before my birthday, in one hand I had my gin & tonic and in the other one spatula :)

It honestly took me longer to clean and wash all the dishes than to make the cake!

All you need to make this cake is:

For the crust:

- 200 g digestive biscuits

- 100 g nuts (roasted hazelnuts)

- 100 g melted butter

- 2 tbsp raw cacao powder

Blend biscuits and nuts in a food processor until fine. Add melted butter and cacao and mix well. Pour the mixture to your mould, I used 8 inch (20cm round mould)

Form the crust using your fingers or a bottom of the glass. Place in the fridge while you make the mousse.

For the chocolate mousse:

- 280 g chocolate (use either dark if you like less sweet dessert, but I recommend using milk chocolate )

- 350 g double (heavy) cream

- 1 tbsp vanilla extract

- 1/3 tsp cornflour

First start by melting the chocolate in a medium bowl. Leave on a side to cool slightly, meanwhile heat up 250 g double cream, but be careful not to boil the cream, heat up until warm.

Slowly add cream to the melted chocolate and mix well.

The remaining 100g of double cream whip up using a hand mixer, add 1 tbsp vanilla extract and cornflour, mix until firm and add it to the chocolate mixture using spatula to fold in until you get a smooth mixture.

Get your chilled crust out the fridge, you can at this point add some fresh strawberries if you like by laying them on the bottom and pour the chocolate mousse on top. Leave the cake in the fridge overnight.

When is ready for serving decorate with some fresh strawberries, more chocolate and enjoy a great dessert.

I hope that some of you will try to make this delicious cake, and if you do, share it with me on my Instagram account! :)

Cheers to a new decade!

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