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Easy poached eggs

I'm sure we all tried different methods and recipes how to poach a perfect egg, nice and round with a runny yolk inside.

In this world where you can buy different silicone moulds, paper bags or even a specially designed pans for poaching an egg it is hard to find a perfect and easy way.

Well, I've tried a few ways, and I can't say that they were all a failure, because I ended up eating all those cooked or undercooked eggs, but this method that I tested was by far the best and most easiest one!

No swirling the water, or adding vinegar, all you'll need is:

- eggs

- cling foil

- salt

- pepper

- olive oil

And a deep sauce pan filled with water.

Yup, that easy!

Here is my YouTube link for a video recipe:

So, I hope this will inspire you to create a delicious brunch and test this method.

For more inspirations, check my Instagram page :)

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